Michael Trimarco is an entrepreneur

Posted by Admin - October 11, 2012

Michael Trimarco was able to receive a high quality education, which has prepared him for business success. He went to Cornell University in New York and received his Bachelors of Science degree. This Ivy League school helped to prepare him, academically, for his next task—which was receiving an MBA from Harvard Business School. Receiving your Masters of Business Administration degree from one of the top business schools in the entire world means that you are a step ahead of your peers in the business world from the beginning. Michael Trimarco has proven he is an entrepreneur in his own rite, but his educational background certainly helped.

Michael Trimarco has experienced business success in a number of fields

Posted by Admin - September 6, 2012

Of all the financial consultants and experts that have spoken about the economic recession, it is hard to imagine any of them discounting the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation. This is because these are the values that virtually everyone recognizes will drag us out of this recession. Michael Trimarco is one businessman and entrepreneur who has embraced this idea and has long been a creative market force. Michael Trimarco has experienced business success in a number of fields in the business world. Indeed, Michael Trimarco has founded and managed a number of different businesses that went on to become quite successful in every regard. These businesses’ revenues now exceed $300 million. This is an impressive accomplishment that demonstrates the sort of entrepreneurship Michael Trimarco is capable of.

Michael Trimarco does not pretend that all of this business acumen came to him naturally. Instead, he credits his solid foundational education. Michael Trimarco was lucky enough to be able to attend Cornell University in New York City. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from this Ivy League institution, which is one of the most highly respected universities in the nation. Michael Trimarco also got his MBA from Harvard Business School after that, which certainly helped to prepare him for his business success in the future.

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